Zerodha Review-2019

● Zerodha is the Largest retail and Discount Broker of India in terms of Active Clients in Stock Market as per the latested report of NSE-2019.

● It is a Bangalore based first Flat Fee Discount Broker of India,foundeded by NITIN Kamath in 2010.

● Zero Brokerage charges for Equity delivery trades

● Lowest Brokerage charges in other segments like future & Option,Equity Intraday, Commodity and Currency Derivative.It charges brokerage of 0.01% or Rs 20 per executed order, whichever is lower.

● As a discount broker,It has given a new dimension to the broking industry.

● In India,the concept of trade delivery at zero in India has been started and introduced by Zerodha firstly.

● Along with all these things, Zerodha is also known for its excellent services whether it is the technical, advance, Back-end support to the client or providing an advance and creative trading platform with all latested trading tool facilities.

● Recently enjoying the tag of India's largest Discount Broker 1+ million active client.

● 10% of daily retai tradingvolumn across all exchanges(NSE.BSE & MCX.)

● In general terms,Zerodha is a perfect stoppage for all traders or investors, who prefer low brokerage charges along with intuitive and advance trading tools or platform.

● As per the clients view, Presently we can say that Zerodha has given a healthy competition in the broking industry that's directly benefit goes to the traders.

Lowest Brokerages charges

● Brokerage charges's are much lower and a very cost effective than other available discount brokers, if you are getting started in this market as a beginner.

● If you are a hardcore trader or if you are trading online, then Zerodha is a perfect broker who give you a perfect and simple brokerage system.

● Offers Equity Delivery at zero and F&O charges and charges maximum 20/- rupees and minimum 0.01% if order is below 2 lakh. Along with brokerage calculators that makes calculation of charges easy and impressive.

● Equity Delivery Based Trades:Zero

● Equity Intraday Trades: 0.01% or Rs 20 per executed order, whichever is lower

● Equity Future: 0.01% or Rs 20 per executed order, whichever is lower

● Equity Options: 0.01% or Rs 20 per executed order, whichever is lower

● Currency Futures: 0.01% or Rs 20 per executed order, whichever is lower

● Currency Options: 0.01% or Rs 20 per executed order, whichever is lower

Trading Margin

● The only broker,which manage risk from the technological margin tool with slippage benefit of 40% capital margin of safety a very first time in india.

● For the equity market, It provide upto 20 time for the equity intraday with bracket order and cover order tool.

● For future and option market,It provides upto 4 times as per the margin policy .

● Upto 4 times for the commodity and upto 4 times for currency trading as similar to the margin policy and slippage benefit.8076855479

Equity delivery Trades with unbeatable zero cost.

Trading Platform

Zerodha has provided many trading platforms to clients as per their need and requirement , such as Kite, kite Lite,Kite Mobile, Zerodha Pi etc on which clients can use trading techniques according to their need. Every platform is very advance and useful and perfectly meet clients requirement.


Kite was launched in 2015 .It is very sleek,light,advance modern and user friendly web based trending platform

● Available in 11 different languages i.e English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Gujrati and Punjabi. That makes kite more comfortable for trading in different regions.

Sleek,Elegant UI,Streaming market data, Exellent usablity with the very least weightage that make clients comfortable to operate this at mobile, tabs and different browsers. An android users can also download kite mobile app from Google Play Store.

● Real time Advanced Charting Tools,6 differents of charts and 19 drawing tools with over then 100 charting indicators.

● Available with instantorder execution system in milli seconds across multiple Exchanges.


● PI was launched in july month of 2014.

● Pi is well knowing,trending, advance and useful trading platform of zerodha that meets requirement of Day traders .

● It is very unique and latest featuring platform available with advanced charting, Algos, strategies & backtesting, Expert advisors for strategy alerts and Real time Portfolio updates.

● It is a window based full scale trading software with advanced features and indicators.

● It can use only on laptops, tabs , Desktop and big screens .

● Highly recommended by day traders .

Common Features of Platform

Both the platforms KITE and PI are available on all the exchanges( BSE,NSE, MCX)

● Free of Cost available.

● Advance Charting, Indicators, and tools.

● Simple and Most powerful.

Coin (Mutual Fund)

Coin was launched Coin in 2018.

● It is a commision free Direct mutual fund Investment platform of zerodha

● Clients can do directly investment in mutual funds and ?save upto 1.5% per year .

● Clients can directly operate mutual fund from there trading platform and purchased mutual funds directly by deposited into their demat accounts without any comission charges.

● Coin is customize platform,where client can do SIPs,compare and analysis 2000+Direct and regular mutuaL funds

1,50,000+ investors have invested over 2,500 crores on coin in ELSS to save taxes.

● Great Opportunity to start investing.

Advantage & Disadvantages to having Account with ZERODHA


Zerodha is one of the best broker in the existing brokers.There are so many benefits to having account with zerodha like

🙂.Pricing Benefits :- Zerodha provides benefits to their clients of ●less brokerage, ●less account opening charges and ●lower running charges of a demat account.

🙂. Easy to use Platforms :- Zerodha provides well technology based platforms that make trading easy and comfortable to the beginners trader of the market.

🙂. Support and Tool :- Zerodha is well known for its backend support and its advanced tool that make their trading benefit long term.


Along with all the benefits, there are some cons to having account with Zerodha. Like

🙁. Clients can not do direct IPO investment from Zerodha.

🙁. GTC is not available.

🙁. Not providing Margin landing.

🙁. Not providing Research and Tips.

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