Top Discount Brokers in India

Best discount brokers are in trend from the last 7 years, due to the online brokers, the cost of trading and investment has decreased. The first broker to bring best discount brokers in India is Zerodha. With the introduction of online trading with a high level of technology and low cost, a new dimension is associated with the broking industry, which is making a good profit to traders and investors, as well as hide many shortcomings of online trading.

10 Best Discount Brokers in India

The top 10 discount brokerages in India are presented below, go ahead and check the list and make you decision for selecting one of them.

1.5PAISA It is emerged as one of the best discount brokers in the country who charges the cheapest brokerage rate of RS 10 per executed order. It is the subsidiary of Indian Infoline which is a leading brand in full service stock brokers in India. This discount broker facilitates web based trading platforms along with performing on desktop. However, the limitation with this one is average performance of mobile trading app as well as it does not deal in commodity. Apart from this, the charges for opening account and its maintenance are quite high.

2.ZERODHA The maximum brokerage charge of the this stock broker is RS 20 with many high tech platforms for trading like Zerodha Pi, Kite Mobile, Zerodha Kite Web etc. It has also taken initiative of trading education via the medium of Varsity, Opentrade as well as it has come up with partnership for the purpose of thematic investment with Smallcase. However, its average customer service along with no investing in IPOs are drawbacks of this discount stock broker.

3.FYERS It offers the best trading application which mainly focuses on performance of trading platforms and it also does not charge a single penny for account opening as well as there is no maintenance charges. The clients can also avail the facility of fundamental analysis along with the technical one. However, this one is not investing in commodities and IPOs.

4.TRADEJINI The investor like the broker as for first 50 trades, it does not charge anything, they are free of cost and after that also, they do not charge more than RS 20 as brokerage for different segments. But the charges for account opening are relatively high but the clients are offered with the option of multiple investment and trading with the exception of no investment in non agriculture based commodities.

5.UPSTOX (RKSV) This broker offer the facility of free delivery trades along with free opening of Demat account as well as maintenance. It is also equipped with Upstox Pro Web, a trading application serving as trading platform.

6.MY Value Trade With limited customer service not so good in level of customer satisfaction but the cheaper brokerage rate of RS 10 per executed order make it good in the eyes of its clients. However, it is continuously working on improvement of trading platforms.

7.TRADE PLUS ONLINE It is like for its monthly subscription plans which are easily available for brokerage but it has little troublesome in call & trade facility.

8.R K GLObal R K Global is charging lower rates for account opening along with maintenance charges at low cost. Apart from lower charges, it also offers research reports on trading calls along with good customer service

9.Astha Trade With variety of options in trading products and investment, customers prefer Ashta Trade but it charges are high for trading account and demat one.

10.Trade Smart Online This discount broker comes up with the plan of free annual maintenance charges in the I year along with excellent customer service.

Broker Broker Name Opening Charge AMC Brokrage Charges Platform Rating Best Deal
Zerodha 300 300/- 0 (free) for equity delivery & Rs 20/ Per executed order or 0.01% (intraday) Pi, Kite, NEST 4.5
5 Paisa 650/- 400/- 10 Rs Per executed order 5paisa Trade Station 2.5
Upstox 150/- 0 0 (free) for equity delivery & Rs 20/executed
order or 0.01% (intraday)
Upstox (Omnisys NEST OMS) 3
Samco Free 400/- ₹20 per executed order OMNESYS NEST, StockNote 2.5
Wisdom Capital Free Rs 700 + taxes Rs 9 NEST 3