Top Bank Broker in India

The "TOP BEST BANK BROKER IN INDIA" are ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities, HDFC Securities, IDBI Capital & Axis Direct.

✔ All these bank brokers are in much more prevalence in Capital markets of India.

✔ All these can provide 3 in 1 demat account online or Clients can also open account in the Neighborhood Branch.

✔ Eased the online share trading to a savings bank account holder.

✔ Give value added service such as Wealth management, Stock Advisory, mutual fund, portfolio management services.

Trading Platform

● The trading platform of bank broker are available in all electronic devices like trading mobile apps, web-based platform and desktop based.

● Some banks are also providing trading platforms with advance,technical and user friendly tools, so that the retail trader and investor are making huge profits in day trading

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1.Best trading platform in India?
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3.Best Bank Broker in Demat Account?


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Margin Money

● There is no shortage of liquidity issues for margin Trading with bank brokerages,So that clients can trade huge margin money in best trading platform in india from doing a good funding with a small deposit margin.

● Clients can earn more profit from margin landing facilities.

● 3 in 1 demat account is the unique product of Bank brokers in India. Which is directly linked to the savings account of bank holder.

● Opening best bank broker Demat account with Bank Brokers is much easier.

Here, The reviews of top listed Best Bank Broker in India,For open Account instantly

ICICI Direct

● This is the largest Bank Broker of India with the 20+ million customer base with local branch network.

● Its trading platform has been highly appreciated by traders and investors.

HDFC Securities

● This is the second largest bank broker in India that highly appreciate in the online stock trading forums.

● The local network of branches is also on a good scale,So that there is a less possiblity of problem in local support to the retail traders and investors.

Kotak Securities

● It is the fastest growing bank broker in the Private Sector

● Stock Broking presence of Kotak in broking industry is very high in online market share.

● Trading platform product, investor education, trading tools are also very good, which we can say is trader friendly.

● Option of Open An online demat account is also available with this bank broker. Click on the given link to get the best deal.

Axis Direct

● Axis Bank's stock broking branch is known as Axis Direct.

● The online demat account is also provided by Axis Direct bank brokers like other stockbroker provides online.

All these Top bank brokers opening demat account like full-service brokers in India Some Leading Bank Brokers' List is given below, so that you can open an online demat account by clicking on the link provided.

Broker Name
Opening Charge
Brokrage Charges
🏆 Rating
👍🏻 Best Deal
ICICI Direct
Rs 975/-
Rs 600/-
Rs 35 per trade
Trade Racer
HDFC Securities
Rs 999/-
Rs 750/-
Minimum Brokerage Rs 25
Axis Direct
Rs 999/-
Rs 650/-
20 per trade or 2.5% of the trade value whichever is lower
Direct Trade, Swift Trade
Rs 750/-
Rs 600/-
4 paise for delivery and 3 paise for Intraday and Futures orders
IDBI Paisa Builder
Rs 700/-
Rs 350
25 per trade or 2.5% of the trade value whichever is lower.
Power Pro